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Hips n Clips - All Things Women's Self Defense

Hips n Clips is a community of women that's all about confidence, education, experiences, friendship, and support.

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Hips n Clips, all things women's self defense - where you always have a place!

I learned how to shoot in spring of 2023, and instantly fell in love with it! Many women I talk to (acquaintances, family, friends, strangers) express their interest in learning about firearms and / or various forms of self-defense, but either don't know where to start, or are too intimidated to begin the journey. I've become passionate about taking these women by the hand and introducing them, and the results are amazing! Hips n Clips also offers a variety of classes for little or no cost to members and is all about having fun! I hold an enhanced concealed carry permit, am a USCCA certified Range Safety Officer, and am currently working on a pistol instructor certification.


Intro to Shooting

Learn how to shoot a pistol or refresh if it’s been a while with info on basics and safety that include stance, sights, grip, eye dominance, and more! Classroom and range time. 


Other levels or types of shooting classes such as competitive, defensive, and rifle will be available as well.


Situational Awareness

Avoid situations altogether by having a better understanding of your surroundings. Non-lethal forms of self defense such as pepper spray are also discussed.


Physical Self Defense

Various forms of physical self defense class will be available at times.




Today I truly learned the value of what Hips n Clips offers because I benefited from Laura teaching me gun safety, and how to hold, load, and shoot my guns which is something I hadn't even considered I may feel comfortable with or about. I liked the semi-automatic best. Having her there coaching me and encouraging me made me feel great! She told me she wants to help women increase their confidence around firearms and self defense and now I really get it! Thank you Laura!

- Alix

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